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Maniacal Advantage: INFINITE ADVANCE

"All things know, all things go."

Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton
25 March 1987
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...I forget about it

I forget about the words of people that I respect
And what's more, I forget about those people that I respect
I forget about the last scenes of movies that should have moved me
But I can't forget about her tear-stained face on that night

I forget about regrets and reflections
But I can't forget about frustrating and embarrassing feelings
My dreams are far away, and I forget about them
But no matter how far away my dreams are, I can't forget about that day that I dreamed about
But I will forget about it anyway

Forget about everything

Forget about it all, and then move on
Forget about it
Forget about it all, and then move on again
Forget about it