Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton (doesi) wrote,
Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton

Release Dates I'm looking forward to:

  • Act II - The Protomen (Counting down to Sept-9-09, I'm told. The first CD I actually wanted to pay for since Alcoholiday.)

  • Fat Princess (Due out in Europe this Thursday, sometime nearby for the part of the gaming world that isn't a video game wasteland of ass-backwardsness. Yes, Europe sucks for gaming releases.)

  • Dominion: Intrigue (Ships to Origins this month. My copy that I accidentally preordered back in March should come in that week or so.)

  • Deltron Event 2 (Del's latest CD was meh. This CD is promising, if it weren't musical vaporware.)

  • Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver (... Gold and Silver are the best to Pokemon games in the franchise. Sometime in the fall. DON'T JUDGE ME!)

I keep having conversations with people and closing my eyes fora few minutes. Whenever I next open them, it is 2 o'clock. Always 2. Its like a bad time warp.
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