Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton (doesi) wrote,
Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton

Last night I was so sleep-dep'd that I think I went on a rant against Paris for killing me in a Magic game, despite the fact that, when I rewind of the play-by-play, I'm fairly sure Alex was the one that screwed me over.

Though, Paris did go for what is essentially the nut-shot of playing Magic*, I probably overreacted. Maybe. Not really.

Sometimes I do fear that my mind may be rotting a bit. I'm losing patches of time during the day. There was an 8-hour fog between leaving work Friday  mornning and going to the metro station that afternoon, that I can only account for from the Starbucks cup and the pizza crusts I found in my room when I finally got home last night at 11:30.

*Literally and metaphorically, destroying a player's lands in MTG is a universal low-blow in almost any variant of the game rules. Think of it as someone playing the SKIP card on in you in UNO every turn.

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