Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton (doesi) wrote,
Ford "Rommel-I-Read-Your-Book" Pendleton

The night before Innaguration was pretty bad.

It was W's Black Boots and Tie ball, in which he was supposed to attend. I can't say for sure if he was there or not, since I doubt the president would show up to both nights of a two-night gala, and on the eve of him getting the F out of DC. Security was tighter than usual though, so I must figure he was there. Obama was rumored to be making a run passed the hotel last night (tuesday), but again, I don't know, since I was not there.

It was a madhouse. Even watching all the aristocrats suffer in the cold was only a mild comfort, because there was so much shit to do. Waiting for a cab - the great equalizer.

So yeah. Work was so bad last night that I after I took a short nap, I woke up with a hangover. I didn't even drink.

For all the money I made, I'm glad it is over.

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