You Can (Not) Friend Me



I generally post friends only. But I have a weak ego, so as long as you're not a bot trying or something, I'll add you if you comment and tell me what we have in common.


Things better left on fire.

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My cousin Dwayne, a recovering crack-addict ex-con has run off with his infant daughter.

He's driving a red Honda Civic with the plates JXY1226.

Was last seen around Northern Virginia.

If anyone sees this car, call 240-417-9734.


On Potions.

Midterm in 402... not worried.

Quiz in 301... yes worried.

Just drank a quad-shot of espresso. I can't help but make the same face I make when drinking certain hard liquors. But I grin and bear it. I didn't used to do that, so I tihnk its a sign of growing up. Coffee and booze both taste like shit in thier purer forms, but they get the effect you need quickest and strongest.

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The ultra-famous sciento-magician Effrafax of Wug once bet his life that, given a year, he could render the great megamountain Magramal entirely invisible.

Having spent most of the year jiggling around with immense Lux-O-Valves and Refracto-Nullifiers and Spectrum-Bypass-O-Matics, he realized, with nine hours to go, that he wasn't going to make it.

So, he and his friends, and his friends' friends, and his friends' friends' friends, and his friends' friends' friends' friends, and some rather less good friends of theirs who happened to own a major stellar trucking company, put in what now is widely recognized as being the hardest night's work in history, and, sure enough, on the following day, Magramal was no longer visible. Effrafax lost his bet — and therefore his life — simply because some pedantic adjudicating official noticed (a) that when walking around the area that Magramal ought to be he didn't trip over or break his nose on anything, and (b) a suspicious-looking extra moon.

The Somebody Else's Problem field is much simpler and more effective, and what's more can be run for over a hundred years on a single torch battery. This is because it relies on people's natural disposition not to see anything they don't want to, weren't expecting, or can't explain. If Effrafax had painted the mountain pink and erected a cheap and simple Somebody Else's Problem field on it, then people would have walked past the mountain, round it, even over it, and simply never have noticed that the thing was there.


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AHA! I have now formed a writing circle!

Well, triangle.

... that still sounds gay. But it still sounds interesting!

RKP and KS. I am, of course, SAB. I said that I won because my initials have a vowel, but then KS mentioned that he can call himself Kill Stealer, and then my pride was shattered.